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Hector Llanes
Full Time Faculty, College of Theology
Dr. Llanes is a native of El Salvador and full-time faculty in the College of Theology at GCU. He has a B.A. from Louisiana College (1985). He earned an M.Div. (1988) and a Ph.D. (1995) from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. His interests relate to historical theology, the history of Christianity, and biblical studies. Before joining GCU, Dr. Llanes was a full-time pastor. He and his wife Margarita have four children and two grandchildren. 

Dr. Llanes is a native of El Salvador and fulltime faculty in the College of Theology at Grand Canyon University. He served as pastor, completed a M.Div. and earned a Ph.D. in church history before becoming an online instructor. His interests relate to historical theology and philosophy, history of Christianity and biblical studies. He and his wife of 30 years, Margarita, have four children.

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Tell us a little about your background?
I was born in El Salvador, Central America. I was the last of eight children. My parents were both school teachers and school principals. My father became a Christian when he was a young man; my mother became a Christian after she married my father. They formed a Christian home and taught their eight children about God. I grew up in a small Baptist church in one of the main cities of El Salvador. After graduating from high school, I obtained a degree from a technical school in the field of civil engineering technology. During my college studies, I felt that God was calling me to become a minister. At that time, God provided a way for me to come to the United States to get a theological education.

What is your role within the College of Theology?
I am a full-time online faculty for the College of Theology. I am an instructor for the class Christian Worldview. I also teach other courses in the area of the Old Testament and philosophy.

What advice do I have for theology students?
I would tell them to cherish the calling from God and their relationship with God, the relationship with their family and the opportunities given to us by God. God’s calling and our relationship with Him should be at the center of our lives. Our family is to be cherished as a gift from God. We need to use the opportunities that God give to us. The opportunity to study theology is one of the greatest blessings God gives us; an opportunity to enrich one’s mind and heart with the rich Christian tradition that is available to us in the study of theology. God has given us the blessing and challenge of living for Him and fulfilling His calling for us; a calling to live a life knowing and serving Him, and touching the lives of others in his name.

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