Joshua Danaher, MA

Joshua Danaher studied communication at Arizona State University (ASU). Joshua is passionate about communication and dialogue, particularly in crisis/conflict situations. Areas of research interest include interpersonal, religious, family and intercultural communication. Before coming to GCU, he worked as an adjunct professor in the Maricopa County Community College District, as a communication specialist at Pathways Platform Corporation and as a subcontractor. Joshua was also involved in a leadership capacity in Young Life at ASU, organizing mission trips to Costa Rica, Peru and Mexico. During his graduate studies, Joshua engaged in research communities focused on communication advocacy and benefiting the broader community surrounding ASU’s West campus.

As a professor, Joshua interacts with scholars’ ideas as well as students’ ideas and tries to facilitate a deep connection between the two, assisting students in becoming more critical and well-rounded thinkers. In his free time, Joshua enjoys reading, hiking, lifting weights and being with friends.

Faculty Spotlight Questions:

I found out about GCU through a friend who attended the university years ago. He said his communication professor was leaving, so I went to campus the next day with my philosophy of teaching statement and my CV. I met the other full-time communication faculty member. We had a long conversation about communication, and I left my CV with him. I think he advocated for me because he saw my energy and passion and thought we might work well together. It turns out that we did! He has since retired, and I now work with two other very dedicated and insightful communication colleagues.

I enjoy the interdisciplinary camaraderie and the passion to teach students in a holistic manner that I see in this college. All of my colleagues are passionate about guiding students in thinking about all aspects of their lives, not just in vocation. We are also gaining a lot of energy in the work that each of us does outside of the classroom. I love to see the different learning communities, clubs and special events that faculty/staff work together to plan or sponsor. It is another way to learn about the topics that cause us all to love our work.

Find a balance between getting involved outside of the classroom and not doing too much at the same time (overloading your schedule). I hear stories from so many students about being pulled in too many directions. I am not advocating that students neglect learning time management; I just highly recommend knowing how to prioritize. Engage in extracurricular activities, absolutely, but don’t go too overboard with it that the ones you do decide to take part in lose their meaning/value.

Joshua Danaher, MA
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