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Kara Morrow
Resident Assistant, Grand Canyon University
Kara Morrow is majoring in history with a minor in athletic coaching. She is a resident assistant on GCU’s campus this year. Kara was born and raised in the Phoenix area, and she loves Jesus, her family and friends, watching and playing sports, reading, Parks and Rec, anything vintage or antique, dogs, Nebraska football, Star Wars, being crafty, traveling, organization, Christmas and all things sweet.

Spotlight Questions:
I attended Christian school my whole life and knew that the Lord was calling me to a Christian college as well. Being from Arizona, I had heard a little bit about GCU, but it was not really on my radar until He placed it in front of me and would not let me forget about it. He provided the funds for me to attend GCU through scholarships and the job I was able to secure before my first day of classes here. I love the smaller school environment, the closeness to home and the variety of opportunities I am given to succeed and grow as an individual spiritually, socially, academically and physically.

As a member of the Honors College, the thing I enjoy most is how involved I get to be on campus. I am not just attending classes and completing assignments. The best way to love your college experience, is to take advantage of every opportunity GCU presents you and the Honors College has done just that for me. The trips, events, networking and job opportunities that are available strictly to honors students are the things that will set you above your peers in the future and get you where you want to go. You are able to identify with others who are Honors students and that immediately bonds you to a group of friends on this campus. Because I joined honors, I have faculty and staff that care about me as a person as well as a student, friends that share the same passion for excellence, service and academics, and opportunities to meet people and go places I could have never imagined.

Some advice I have for students interested in joining the Honors College is to put themselves out there and to not be afraid of hard work. Getting where you want to go in life will always take a measure of courage and a sense of adventure. When you get to college, everything will be new, different and scary, but that does not mean you should hide in your room and do things that feel safe to you. Try everything on campus once. Go to a basketball game, play intramurals, go to Midnight Breakfast, ask your roommates to go to a Movie on the Lawn with you, take one of the Outdoor Recreation trips or go exploring on your own, get Chick-fil-a at 11 pm, join one club or all the clubs, take a Zumba class and dance like no one is watching, get a campus job or apply for a student leadership position. Don’t leave college with regrets. Take advantage of every moment you have at GCU and don’t be afraid to be the face everyone recognizes because you are at every event you can be. The Honors College gives you more opportunities than you could ever imagine so take advantage of every one you can and leave knowing you did it all.