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Lily Cooper
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Lily Cooper is a Senior at Grand Canyon University and currently studying professional writing with a minor in marketing and literature. She aspires to combine her love for writing and editing into a job in the publishing industry. In her free time, you can find her updating her blog, keeping up with her Instagram aesthetic and water coloring in her Bible. She believes that anything can be solved with a Taylor Swift lyric.

Spotlight Questions:
I grew up in Washington and lived in the rainy city of Olympia, which is about an hour from Seattle. In seventh grade, I moved to Anchorage, Alaska and got to experience the snow and cold for two years before finally settling down in Glendale, Arizona for high school. I had always wanted to go to a Christian university and immediately felt at home at GCU with the community atmosphere it projected.  

My favorite thing about GCU is the amazing environment and community! You are literally one huge family on campus and everyone is kind and gentle-hearted. The students have such pride in the school and to see that reflected in the events and games is mesmerizing.

My advice for GCU students is to try to get involved. I know that statement is always echoed but it is so true. Join a club, a sport, Life Group or Odyssey; go to church; get an on-campus job – anything! It may seem scary at first to put yourself out there, but college is the time where you’ll find your best friends and some of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.


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