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Liz Martin
Global Outreach Coordinator, Spiritual Life, Grand Canyon University
Liz Martin has a bachelors in Digital Film and is about to finish her Masters of Science in Leadership. There are a few things that Liz passionately loves; Jesus and the San Diego Chargers are two of them.

Faculty Spotlight
Who am I and how did God lead me to GCU?
Liz first started her journey at GCU as a student. Shortly after graduation she was blessed with an opportunity to come onboard as full-time staff in Spiritual Life. Coming to GCU as a student was a risk for her, she had been in full-time missions and didn’t know a soul in Phoenix. Phoenix has grown on her in the last three years and she has made home downtown.

What do I enjoy most about my role at GCU?
Liz loves her students. They challenge her daily with their faith and trust that God has to show up in the local and global community or else… Her student’s child-like faith and pursuit of knowing Christ deeper keeps her humble and passionate about what she does.

How has the Gospel shaped my life?
Jesus + nothing. When Liz trusted her life over in surrender to Jesus nine years ago, she never thought she would be able to find such joy in suffering, such adventure in pursuing the Kingdom to come here on earth, and such deep relationships spurred on by the Spirit with brothers and sisters. The Gospel has changed her life forever and she desires to create safe, loving and consistent places for people to engage in conversation about Jesus Christ.