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Luke Amargo
Adjunct Faculty, College of Arts and Media
Luke Amargo hails from San Diego, but currently works in Phoenix. Luke majored in English literature and minored in design and entrepreneurial studies at Grand Canyon University. His works and projects have received commendations from Scholastic, Smart City Hack, Arizona Digital Institute for Progress, Phoenix Mobile Festival and the Arizona Collegiate Venture Capital Competition. He was the previous editor-in-chief for GCU’s StartleBloom. He currently works as a program manager for the Honors College.

Spotlight Questions:
My motto is: “Let’s build a world together.” My vision for life is to be a part and encourage a culture of creation, activation and collaboration. If it wasn’t for the CCSC Scholarship, I doubt I would’ve started my adventures here. I got to GCU after a representative visited my school.

Honor students always fill the lecture hall’s passion – that’s infectious. Their willingness to further their standing in life and push forward is inspiring. I had the privilege of going on a mission trip with 14 honors students – they were such an eclectic group, but they were forward-thinking and willing to see what God could do in their lives. When passion and people come together, amazing things can happen.

Be passionate
Be knowledgeable
Be good at networking/pitching
Pray and truly love people and God