Matt Hampton, MDiv

Faculty, College of Theology

Matt Hampton is a native of Phoenix and serves as a faculty member in the College of Theology at Grand Canyon University. He studied business at Arizona State University before completing an MDiv from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and then an MEd degree. He has adopted five children and is a foster parent. He is married to his beautiful wife Carol Hampton, and they preside in the Phoenix area.

Faculty Spotlight

Who am I and how did God lead me here?
Well, I grew up in Phoenix and GCU has been a big part of my life. Both my father and my mother graduated from GCU. They were both education majors and taught as teachers. Education was very important in our family as I had two brothers and one sister. My parents divorced at an early age; my father remarried, and I was blessed with a wonderful stepmother and two other stepbrothers.

I graduated from high school and went on to college at Arizona State University. God called me into the ministry when I was at ASU. I followed that calling and worked in various churches for about 10 years. Having served in ministry and having a strong upbringing in education, God opened the doors for me to become a teacher. I have worked in education for the last 15 years. I have taught every level from the elementary level to the college level. God blessed me with the opportunity to teach at GCU and it has truly been a blessing in my life.

What is my role within the College of Theology?
I have been a faculty member here at GCU for over four years now. I have had the blessing of teaching many different courses as part of this journey, but the course that I teach the most is Christian worldview. I have had the opportunity to impact thousands of students’ lives, and each day is a blessing to me.

What advice do I have for theology students?
God has a plan for each and every student. You are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of Christ and your identity in Christ will bring you great joy. You do not need to worry about the opinions of others or performing for God and others. The love that Christ gave to you is unconditional and that is all that matters on a moment-by-moment basis. Part of my life journey is to help students understand this truth in their lives.

Matt Hampton
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