Michele Pasley, MAT

Master of Arts in Theology

Michele Pasley is an online full-time faculty member in the College of Theology at GCU. She has earned degrees in theology/biblical studies and communications. Before teaching full-time, Michele served in full-time church ministry as a worship arts director and a discipleship director. She is passionate about helping people connect with Jesus and grow through the spiritual formation process.

Faculty Spotlight

I am a full-time online College of Theology instructor for GCU. I love helping people think deeply, know and become like Jesus, engage with the Bible and consider how the message of Jesus can impact the world around them.

I think these are exciting times for the church and followers of Christ because old paradigms are folding. As the broader culture shifts to into a post-Christendom mindset, followers of Christ have the opportunity to live authentic lives of discipleship and engage others with the life-changing message of Jesus. These days, the message of Jesus is brand new to many people, and we have the exciting opportunity to tell our friends and neighbors how Jesus has changed our lives. The church has the opportunity to form communities of people who want to be in thoughtful, supportive and authentic relationships with God and with each other in such a way that individuals and whole communities are transformed by the presence and work of Christ.

When it comes to ministry, I am most passionate about the process of spiritual formation. I love helping people become apprentices to Jesus and engage in practices that give the Holy Spirit space to cultivate the character of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit in their lives. I am passionate about helping people recognize that in Christ, we have a new identity (2 Corinthians 5:17) and then learn to live in that new identity. When it comes to following Christ, I believe we are called be fully engaged with our head, heart and hands. The process of spiritual formation helps us recognize that being a follower of Christ is not simply a set of beliefs we assent to, but also a transformational relationship that changes us from the inside out, resulting in character and actions that reflect the character of Christ.

Michele Pasley
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