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Molly Howard is earning her BA in Advertising and Graphic Design at Grand Canyon University. She enjoys exploring possible career options in this field and taking creative courses that allow her to expand her knowledge of design. She also enjoys writing and using words to share ideas and paint mental pictures.

She grew up and spent her entire life in California before moving to Arizona for college. Living in the foothills of California for most of her life Molly developed her love of beautiful sunsets, starry nights, hikes in Yosemite, day trips to the beach and foggy days inside with a cup of hot chocolate in hand. Arizona increased her love for last minute unplanned adventures and brisk winter days.

If there was a list of the things that make Molly happy it would be way too long to put here. The top of her list would be her Savior. Without Jesus, she would not be who she is. Following this would be spending time with family and friends. Playing games or laughing at a comedy with her family, going on adventures with her roommates, grabbing food with friends and cuddling with her pets all bring her immense joy. A few other things that she loves include watercolor painting, belting out to musicals, drinking tea, doing yoga, listening to music and taking pictures.

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