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Neal Adam
Faculty, College of Science, Engineering, & Technology
Dr. Adam Neal grew up on a farm and continued in the agricultural field in his academic and professional careers. Dr. Neal received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Kansas State University and his Master of Science degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His Ph.D. research was completed in 1996 at Kansas State University in global change biology. After earning his Ph.D., Dr. Neal had several postdoctoral research appointments with the USDA-ARS. The emphasis of his Ph.D. research, as well as the first three postdoctoral research appointments, was on responses of photosynthesis and photosynthetic enzymes to elevated atmospheric CO2 levels. Dr. Neal’s last post-doctoral appointment focused on photosynthetic germination and growth limitations of native industrial crops. Some of Dr. Neal’s more recent research interests include a planned survey methodology of health and healthcare practitioners.
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