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Nyomi Mosley
Academic Program Manager, College of Theology
Ms. Mosley is a passionate MBA graduate in pursuit of challenging projects in academic leadership out of consideration for her professional career goals. She seeks to practically apply her ability to accomplish tasks with efficiency and excellence within a fast-paced environment. She has been recognized for strong values, the ability to motivate others, problem resolution skills, and exceeding the expectations of her peers and managers. She is a reliable leader dedicated to providing individuals with the opportunities and support needed to properly accomplish their own professional career goals with passion and dedication.

Administrative Assistant, College of Theology at GCU

Nyomi Mosley was born in California, then moved to Sedona, AZ when she was eight. She moved to Phoenix for college and has lived here ever since. However, she does love to travel! Nyomi has been to all over the U.S., Mexico, England and Turkey! It is a powerful experience when one gets to view the glory of God through the eyes of another culture. Nyomi grew up in a family of nine with one brother, five sisters and two parents.

Faculty Spotlight

My passion for God ignites my desire to impact the individuals in my life. I made a canvas painting a few years ago with the idea of the sun and the word “Resonate” in the middle of the painting. When I think of the word “resonate,” I think of the sun. The sun shines, reflects, surrounds and impacts everything that it comes into contact with. As a Christian my desire is to impact others with the love of God like the sun impacts the earth. My passion for God involves resonating the gospel that His son freely gave to me, the gospel that drove my desire to become a Christian at a young age and the gospel that I live for each day. I hope that in my life I can effectively share my passion for God with those around me and in doing so encourage them to have a deeper desire to grow in their own individual faith in God and to have a stronger impact on those in their lives.

My favorite part about working in the College of Theology is the genuine nature of the individuals I work alongside. When I began this position it was the first thing I noticed. They pursue Christ without abandon and they are genuine about the manner in which He has affected their lives. Doing so allows them to impact the lives of students and fellow faculty members in a manner that inspires a consistent and intense pursuit of God.

Your ability to impact others comes directly from the manner in which God impacts you. So take some time to know Him. In doing so you can understand the manner in which His personality has changed your life. This will allow you to have a greater impact upon those around you.

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