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Jordan Montgomery
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Jordan Montgomery is a sophomore in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. She is majoring in electrical engineering and hopes to get her master’s degree in either business or engineering. When she graduates, she hopes to work as a chief operating officer for an engineering company. In the meantime, Jordan works for marketing and PR, and as a facilitator for the Engineering Retention Program in the Honors College. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys reading, hiking mountains and traveling around the world.

Spotlight Questions:
I grew up in Arkansas, so I had never heard of Grand Canyon University until my junior year of high school. During junior year, my family moved to Arizona and my sister transferred to GCU from a college in Arkansas. She would bring me on campus and I would occasionally spend the night in her dorm. I loved the campus and the people; however, they did not have an engineering program at the time so I thought I would not be able to attend here. During the end of my junior year, I heard that GCU was starting an engineering program. I was so excited! So here I am at GCU studying engineering and loving it!

Honestly, I enjoy the people. I love meeting people that are motivated to do something great. As an engineering student, the coursework can be challenging. Through the Honors College I get to be in a small group of honors engineers who get to grow, learn and create incredible things together! There are so many amazing opportunities through the Honors College that I cannot wait to explore.

Do it! As a freshman, it is hard enough finding friends. The Honors College offers so many opportunities to meet new people and get involved, whether it be the Honors College Club, events, trips or even studying in the honors lounge.



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