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Sean Christopher Quow Thomason
Student Writer, Grand Canyon University
Sean Thomason is a native of Phoenix and a naturally conflicted and curious person. Due to past existential crises, his primary goals have turned outwardly to incorporate the success and flourishing of humanity following his inevitable passing. As a result of the forethought associated with this paradigm shift, he is now a biomedical engineering major with aims of designing internal and external prostheses for both militaristic and conventional applications. Sean’s goal is for some portion of the work he conducts to contribute to the evolution of the species, whether it be physically or simply as a matter of convenience. However, since he is still quite young and hopefully has a large amount of time, he would also like to take a stab at involvement in the political realm at some point down the line.

Spotlight Questions:
I am your typical ambitious individual with a laidback attitude and tendency to over-socialize. Although my path to GCU was as straightforward and uneventful as the previous sentence, I’ll supply some additional information. Given that my mother had been with the university a little over nine years, I had had a ridiculous amount of exposure to the growth of the campus and its administration’s vision throughout my childhood. When it came time to decide which college I wished to attend, GCU seemed the logical choice due to its proximity to my family and potential for change, impact and improvement. Once I stepped onto campus as a formal student, I sensed the buzz of activity and knew that the university would do well to further my ambitions before I headed off to graduate school – a belief I still hold today.

My two primary points of enjoyment stem from the college’s dedication to the excellence of its students and the community it established to further integrate those in need of assistance or friendship. From what I have seen during my time on campus, few organizations have done as much as the Honors College to supply its students with avenues to success on such a regular basis. To further these possibilities, students are encouraged to work with and lean on those around them in times of need or stress so that the collective group grows and matures with each passing obstacle, increasing chances of success in the future. By preparing its students for academic cooperation and placing them in positions of leadership – either within the Honors College or in various organizations around campus – the college has truly put its members to work establishing a lasting impact within the university. Seeing these plans come to fruition and lay the groundwork for even more ambitious actions has undoubtedly been my favorite portion of Honors College involvement.

Join. That simple. If you are looking for boundless opportunities and a community of high-reaching individuals, the Honors College is the destination for you. Have an impact, leave your mark and contribute to the already exponential growth of one of the most ambitious organizations on campus.