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Shelley Gilbert
Assistant to the Dean, Mark Wooden, PhD, College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Shelley relocated from New York in 2013 to be with family. She has been in higher education for many years, as a registrar in a college of health sciences and assistant to the president/CEO of an educational consortium that provides osteopathic medical residencies and post-doctoral medical education programs. She is presently the administrative assistant to Dean of the College of Science, Engineering and Technology Mark Wooden, PhD. Shelley has a people-oriented personality and truly enjoys working with students and faculty. Shelley has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies. She has previously published 11 articles: six in print in “Practical Pain Management” and “The Forensic Nurse,” and five electronically. Shelley is an accomplished musician and when not working enjoys playing her piano, going to the Phoenix Symphony and exploring her new environment.

Faculty Spotlight Questions:
I am a transplanted New Yorker with a strong background and a great deal of experience in higher education. After interviewing with Dr. Wooden and learning about the growth of Grand Canyon University, I knew I wanted to be part of this expansion.

I enjoy being a part of student’s growth and development and watching the transition from high school to college. I am comfortable with and like working with faculty and staff who are friendly, intelligent and hard working.

GCU has a very diverse population, in faculty, administration and students. Take advantage of the exposure to the new and different cultures. This will help you grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Study hard and do well.
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