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Steven Peterson
Adjunct Faculty, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Steve Peterson’s belief is that whole person health includes mindfulness, diet, exercise, stress-management and an understanding of the mental and physiological processes that can inspire or drain wellness. Steve has taught in nursing, pharmacy and integrative health care programs for more than a few years. Additionally, he has served as the dean of education for two proprietary schools during his career. His passion for health care spread into being a contributing author and co-author to two textbooks being utilized at the university-level in the Integrated Nursing & Health Studies Initiative. When not focusing on helping others discover their path to wellness, Steve is challenging his own by nurturing his love of riding motorcycles.

Faculty Spotlight Questions:
I am the person who dropped out of college to enter the military because my early adult life lacked purpose, structure and inspiration. It was through my military experience that I entered the field of health care and re-pursued my education. Since that point, I have tried to “pay it forward” by helping others discover purpose, structure and inspiration as others helped me. I am at Grand Canyon University because I am driven to make that positive footprint, in some capacity, for an institution with the foundation of Christian values.

I truly enjoy my involvement in the academic and professional growth of our nursing professionals, both students and faculty. I take great personal comfort and professional pride in the knowledge that I am able to make a small, yet positive, impact upon their journeys. This is my contribution for the future of these health care professionals.

To nursing and health care students, please remember this: Today you may be our students, but soon you will be our peers. You will enter the hallowed ranks of health care professionals, or you will become the new leaders in advanced nursing and health care professional and educational careers. Today, your professors, preceptors and mentors are at your side helping you grow yourselves and your careers. Tomorrow, they will be by your side as your coworkers and fellow health care providers.