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Todd Forrest
Full Time Faculty, College of Theology
Todd Forrest has lived his whole life in ministry growing up as a pastor’s and missionary’s son.  He has been in active ministry as pastor and in missions since 1990. He is the Vice President of Children of Promise Intl. caring for orphans in 12 countries and directing all work in India. He and his wife, Debbie, have three children. All three have graduated from GCU. Personal interests include many outdoor pursuits, the further away from civilization the better. 

Todd Forrest has lived his whole life in ministry, growing up as a pastor’s and missionary’s son. He has been in active ministry since 1990, and continues to pastor today. He is a board member of Children of Promise International, caring for orphans in 12 countries. He and his wife, Debbie, have three children, two of which are GCU students.

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Tell us a little about yourself.

Being born in Germany and living in many different places, I received a great education on culture and the diversity of life. Growing up, my family was involved in ministry, so I have spent my whole life serving many churches in America and missionaries in Europe. I looked at other (and easier) vocations, but the call in my heart for ministry could not be denied, and I have no regrets. Today, my family ministers together, and each family member has played a significant role in our ministry lives. I continue to pastor a great church and serve an international orphan ministry in addition to teaching. Our family loves anything outdoors—the more remote the better. The solitude of nature brings life to the soul. I have a son and daughter here at GCU that love the Christian environment and the educational excellence.

What do I enjoy most about my ministry in the College of Theology?

Working in the College of Theology at GCU is a very unique position. It is the intersection of education, exploration of faith and definition of careers and directions. It is a privilege to be a part of this chapter in life for each student because of the eternal significance of opening doors of deeper faith and understanding of life. The opportunity to pray and encourage students, see them gain new strength of faith and foster a new hunger to grow in Christ provides the foundational link on which to build a life and career. For others, to give a relationship with Jesus an honest look may be the unrealized reason they came to GCU.

What advice do I have for theology students?

You will get a great education here. Learning ministry practices and theology will propel you forward in ministry. But guard your heart. You cannot take people where you have never been spiritually. The time of personal investment, growing deep personal spiritual roots outside of vocational pursuits, is what really qualifies you as a faithful worker for Jesus. Be dedicated to loving God and loving people. People are not projects; they are God’s creation entrusted to us as ministers to guide into the love of Jesus in the midst of a broken world. It is a great responsibility but a greater privilege.

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