4 Marketing Jobs with a Bachelors in Marketing

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Are you a marketing major thinking about your future career? As a student earning a bachelors in marketing, you will soon become qualified for numerous marketing jobs. Upon graduation, you will be prepared to pursue multiple positions in corporate marketing or brand management. Discover your possibilities today!


The field of advertising can be exciting and ever-changing. Business professionals working in advertising manage anything from television ads to radio ads. Here, you have the opportunity to positively promote your product or service in the media by brainstorming creative ideas for commercials and promotional events.

Public Relations

Public relations is a field that is similar to advertising, as the main responsibility is to manage the perceptions of the company’s product or service. PR specialists often help companies with tasks such as conducting speeches and ensuring that all promotional materials match the look and feel of the brand. Overall, this field continuously changes and provides excellent career opportunities for anyone with a BS in marketing.

Product Management

Product management is generally a rewarding career with plenty of responsibilities. Product managers are in charge of both marketing and developing their company’s products. In terms of marketing, project managers help position a product, assess competition and plan for the future.

When it comes to developing a product, managers converse with representatives about the wants and needs of customers, and conduct daily tracking. At the end of the day, this position holds great importance as managing and strengthening a brand is their leading obligation.

Market Research

When you enter the field of market research, you combine quantitative data and consumer behavior to use the right information in promoting products to a target market. To gather the necessary information, market researchers use statistical analysis packages, surveys, mystery shopping, focus groups and new product tests. Market research is becoming an advanced and innovative field as technology continues to help improve the accuracy and the amount of data researchers can use.

These are just a few examples of the countless career opportunities available to graduates possessing a bachelors in marketing. With hard work and dedication, you can gain an exciting and fulfilling career that you will love. If you so choose, you can also earn an MBA in marketing to expand your possibilities!

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