What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

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Are you interested in earning a business degree?

If so, you are certainly not alone. These degrees are often popular choices for many students because they offer a path to a rewarding and exciting career. There are also many different types of business degrees to choose from. This allows students to choose the program that will best prepare them for their desired careers.

Learning about the different types of business degrees and what you can do with them can help you decide which academic path is the right choice for you. Let’s take a look at the different career possibilities.


Managers are responsible for leading their team, which is why these positions tend to be high-paying and offer opportunities for growth. If you want to work in an environment where you will be able to manage employees, then a business degree is a must. This type of career can be rewarding both financially and professionally. However, you will need the right training and knowledge to be a good candidate for managerial positions.

A business management degree will provide a solid foundation and help you learn how to build and manage a strong team. This type of degree will also help you learn about other elements of managing a business, such as sales and accounting. After earning a business management degree, you can consider a wide range of career options. These include project manager, business development manager, marketing manager, supply chain manager and business analyst.

Accounting and Financing

No matter what type of business degree you choose, you will learn about the basic aspects of accounting and financing. That is because financial knowledge is an important element of running a business, regardless of the industry. However, if you want to focus on this aspect of business management, you will want to earn an accounting degree.

An accounting degree will help you take a deeper dive into the financial aspects of the business. You’ll learn about budgeting, auditing standards, financial statements preparation, job order costing systems, tax law and more. Upon graduation, you will be qualified to become an accountant, auditor, credit analyst, financial examiner or revenue agent.

Sports Management

Many people picture a typical office job when they think of a business degree. This is not the only environment where a business degree can come in handy, however. Many industries require the skills that are taught in business management. If you are interested in sports, then you will be happy to find out that a business degree can prepare you for a career in the sports industry. A sports management degree focuses on the business of sports, which includes elements such as marketing, management, sales, finance, accounting and sports event planning.

During your time in this program, you will learn about business operations and environments, sports media, sports analytics, revenue generation and other topics relating to sports management. If you earn a sports management degree, you will then be able to pursue a career in sports merchandising, sports marketing, event planning, athletic administration, guest relations and many other sports-related fields.


Marketing is yet another important part of the business world. Therefore, a marketing degree is a popular option for students interested in business. This type of degree can be a great option if you have a creative side that you want to use along with your business skills. Some of the topics you will study when enrolled in this program include creating marketing plans, determining strategies to drive sales, evaluating customer buying behavior and managing marketing decisions for service and product markets.

After graduating with a marketing degree, you will be qualified to become a content marketer, marketing manager, sales manager, public relations manager, advertising and promotions manager, marketing specialist or market research analyst. You’ll also be qualified to pursue many other marketing-related jobs.

Human Resources

Part of running a successful business is keeping an organized team with a positive company culture. That is why human resource management is so important in the business world. If you decide to get a degree in human resources, you will study a variety of topics. These include talent management, employee development and motivation, succession planning, operations management and leadership.

A human resources degree can help prepare you for a variety of career opportunities, including human resources executive, general manager, senior human resources specialist and training and development manager.

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