Careers to Consider After Earning a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies

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Marketing, accounting, networking and ethical leadership are just a few of the core competencies you will gain as you work to earn your Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurial Studies. With such a broad skillset, you will have many career options available to you. Because there are so many career options, it is important to learn more about jobs that may interest you and that are a good fit for your skillset.

Small Business Owner

Starting your own business is a natural course of action to take after earning a degree in entrepreneurship studies. Even if you do not start your company immediately after graduation, you may one day return to your entrepreneurial plans, perhaps after gaining work experience in management or marketing. Your new business could focus on anything. Build on what you already know and are passionate about to identify the type of company you are best suited to start. Remember that every successful small business owner takes the time to do extensive market research when making their business place. Start small and keep your overhead low to see if the interest in your services or products will be sufficient to sustain a growing company.

Business Journalist

Journalists often specialize, and one of those specialties is business journalism. An entrepreneurship program is good preparation for reporters who cover financial activities and economics. Within this specialty, you could even develop a subspecialty, such as becoming an expert in the green energy industry or in socially-responsible companies. Business journalists may write for a major newspaper or magazine, but they can also be freelancers. Another career possibility with an entrepreneurship degree is to start your own business news website, which would certainly put your entrepreneurial skills to good use.

Business Lawyer

In an entrepreneurship degree program, one of the topics you will study is ethics and legal issues in business. If the concepts of strict liability, contract and tort law hook your attention, consider applying to law school after you earn your entrepreneurship degree. Lawyers come from every imaginable background, and business lawyers in particular are in high demand. As a business lawyer, some of your responsibilities would likely include:

  • Advise on the formation of companies
  • Provide guidance on converting the structure of companies
  • Draft and review contracts
  • Explain legal concepts to board members
  • Navigate compliance codes
  • Reduce the risk of liability
  • Litigate disputes in court

Corporate Advocate

Another job to consider after studying entrepreneurship studies is a corporate advocate. Corporate advocates, also known as business lobbyists, specialize in informing lawmakers and influencing legislation. Lobbyists work for all sorts of groups, including environmental advocates, public health entities, corporations and corporate associations. As a business lobbyist, you would be expected to know your organization’s policies and objectives inside and out. You would research all relevant laws and regulations, and then put your persuasive skills to use during meetings with legislators and political committees.


Becoming a consultant is another job to consider once you complete your entrepreneurship program. A consultant provides expert advice to a specific group of people. They pull from their experiences, industry knowledge and problem-solving skills to offer valuable advice to their clients. The overall goal of a consultant is to help someone get from point a to point b. This can typically be done through strategic advice, done-for-you services, one-time training or ongoing coaching. With that, in order to be a consultant, you will need to have significant knowledge in the area you’re working in, you will need to be good at advising others and also good at working with clients directly.

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