GCU’s Online MBA: Emphasis Areas, Part 2

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Last week, we started exploring Grand Canyon University’s online MBA program. The online MBA, offered through GCU’s innovative Colangelo College of Business, has a variety of emphases, allowing you to gain the education you desire to advance in your career. Explore the remaining emphases to help you determine which program may help you reach your career and educational goals.


The MBA in marketing focuses on the impact that marketing has on the global economy, organizational growth and business management. Students analyze current trends and issues connected to international corporations and gain skills in global execution strategies within organizations. Through researching managerial departmental functions, students and faculty engage in in-depth discussions about behaviors and marketing techniques that highly impact organizations. In addition, the program highlights the importance of practicing services marketing, international marketing, and servant leader management to become a successful marketing executive or business leader.

Project Management

The Master of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Project Management combines research-based strategies with business fundamentals to help further the knowledge of project management for business professionals. Students examine innovative methods that minimize processes and enhance productivity within businesses and organizations. In addition, students studying in this online MBA program have access to academic training for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) competitive certification process. Upon completion of the program, graduates are prepared to pursue a career as a project analyst, project manager, executive or director of operations.

Sports Business

The online MBA with an emphasis in sports business takes students’ passion for sports, and helps them turn it into a fulfilling business career. The rigorous business-oriented curriculum teaches students how to excel in fields such as sales, marketing, finance, revenue generation, analytics, accounting and management within the sports industry. Through class discussions, students and faculty review modern-day issues that affect the global business marketplace and discuss how to take control. After completing this program, students are equipped to work in sports business merchandise and retail, sports sales, marketing, media, athletic administration and more!

Strategic Human Resource Management

The MBA in strategic human resource management explores diversity in the workplace and employee development. In this program, students develop a strategic view of human resources and evaluate decision-making strategies within management practices. To increase their overall awareness, students discuss modern complexities such as acquisitions, downsizing, and globalization with their peers and faculty members. As graduates of this program, students become informed critical thinkers and may pursue a career as a senior human resources specialist or general manager.

Grand Canyon University’s online MBA programs give you the knowledge and skills to advance in your career and pursue your goals. To learn more about business degrees at GCU, visit our website today!

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