How a Hospitality Student Can Get Real-World Experience

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Grand Canyon University is constantly showing that it is dedicated to putting their students on the path to success and they outdo themselves with their hospitality program.

Hospitality is a thriving industry that is taking the country by storm, especially in Arizona. Hospitality management professionals oversee the operation and customer service and are the reason for the success of a hotel or restaurant. Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor in Hospitality Management helps prepare students for careers post-graduation and beyond.

What does GCU’s Program Offer?

The program at Grand Canyon University offers a variety of informational classes that you will draw from when you are working in the field. You are provided the opportunity to gain a foundation in business while also learning the networking and communication skills needed for managing a hotel.

From principals of marketing to revenue generation for hospitality, the courses cover the following topics:

  • Managerial accounting
  • Business statistics
  • Hospitality services marketing
  • Organizational behavior and management
  • Ethical and legal issues in business
  • Financial accounting
  • Economics
  • Human resources

These classes helps prepare students for entry-level positions in the hospitality industry that can lead to leadership positions in the field.

Hospitality Learning Experiences

The Grand Canyon University Hotel serves as a hands-on learning environment for students in the hospitality management program. The student-employed staff is dedicated to give visitors an excellent time at the hotel and in return it provides the workers real-world experience. The hotel prepares them to lead and thrive in their field. Industry professionals are also hired to serve as mentors and provide guidance for the students.

What Do the Students Think?

Sarah Mondragon, a Hospitality Management major loves the program. “My professor comes to work and brings us real-life experiences and the professors really make this program great.” She continues to say, “We get our own hotel experience and see how our learning applies to real life.”

Grand Canyon University is dedicated to the students and provide them with great opportunities to gain experience. The GCU Hotel is a great place for hospitality students to learn more about the industry and work with real-life professionals.

If you want to learn more about the GCU Hotel and other commodities that GCU offers, check out the GCU Hotel website. For more information about our hospitality degree program, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

Written by Lily Cooper, a professional writing major.

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