What Can I Do With an MBA in Marketing?

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If you've been looking to advance your marketing and advertising career path, you may find a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree can be helpful to reach for high-level positions, such as those involving managerial roles.

If you want to pursue long-term success in the marketing field, it’s a smart idea to earn an MBA in marketing. This program will cover much of what a non-specialized MBA program does, but with additional focus on advanced marketing skills and concepts. You’ll also acquire effective leadership skills that may empower you to pursue any of the following types of marketing jobs.

Marketing Manager

The job of a marketing manager requires a multidisciplinary skill set that you can acquire with a marketing MBA program. For instance, you will need sharp business awareness combined with solid communication skills and strategic thinking. Although the specific duties can vary from one organization to another, marketing managers are generally responsible for the following:

  • Managing a team of marketing and advertising specialists
  • Developing and cultivating the image of the brand and influencing how the brand is perceived by consumers
  • Planning advertising campaigns designed to increase brand awareness and drive sales
  • Managing a variety of content channels and ensuring a uniform brand voice among them

In addition, marketing managers often work with data analytics. They plan data-driven marketing campaigns and collect and evaluate data regarding a campaign’s effectiveness. Furthermore, marketing managers often act as a liaison among departments. They may discuss marketing strategy with C-suite executives one day and meet with PR specialists about crisis management the next day.

Public Relations Specialist

A public relations (PR) specialist may work in any sector: public, private or governmental. PR is a specialty niche that often works together with the marketing department. Graduates with a master's in marketing may find that a PR job is a natural fit for them. The main responsibility of a PR department is to nurture a favorable image for the brand or organization. They help launch campaigns by spreading information in the form of raising awareness and associating the brand with good causes.

An organization may have its own in-house PR department. However, some PR professionals may instead find work at an agency, where they work with multiple clients. Some of the typical job responsibilities of a public relations specialist may include the following:

  • Maintaining the brand image of the client
  • Cultivating productive relationships with members of the media
  • Developing press kit materials, including press releases, feature articles, case studies, pitch letters and images
  • Arranging and speaking at press conferences and helping clients prepare to give press conferences and interviews
  • Evaluating marketing campaigns to ensure consistency with PR objectives

Strong communication skills are a must-have for this role. If you enroll in a marketing MBA program to become a public relations specialist, you will gain the benefit of developing your critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning abilities and communication skills.

Market Research Director

Some graduates with a master's in marketing may pursue opportunities as market research directors. This role is particularly well-suited to individuals who are strong analytical thinkers and who enjoy working with statistics and other fine details. The overall responsibility of a market research director is to understand the company’s customer base.

To accomplish this goal, these professionals gather, analyze and interpret large data sets about consumers and their buying patterns. The work of a market research director will directly influence the marketing campaigns designed by marketing managers. Some specific job responsibilities may include the following:

  • Meeting with executives or clients to develop a better understanding of business objectives
  • Identifying appropriate research methodologies and designing qualitative and quantitative research plans
  • Implementing research projects, interpreting the data, developing actionable recommendations and writing reports

Director of Sales

Sales and marketing are similar as their goal is to increase revenue for the company. However, their areas of focus are different. The marketing department works to convince consumers of the value of the brand’s products or services. The sales department is involved with all the activities surrounding the purchasing of the products or services. Due to this, a major focus of the sales department is on improving customer service.

The director of sales is responsible for ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales department. These professionals may handle any of the following tasks:

  • Motivating, training and guiding the sales team
  • Developing weekly, monthly and quarterly sales goals and evaluating the department’s progress toward those goals
  • Preparing sales reports
  • Assessing competitor tactics and industry standards and adjusting the company’s approach accordingly

In addition, a director of sales may develop and execute orientation and training programs for new hires and current employees. This position is a good fit for those who have a strategic mindset as well as good decision-making and leadership skills.

An MBA in marketing will give you a wide range of skills that you can use in any area you want. The management positions will give you the privilege of overseeing sales and development from the beginning stages to execution. Earn a marketing MBA degree to explore all you can in a marketing career path.

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