What Is Conscious Leadership and Servant Leadership?

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Conscious Capitalism has four tenets: Conscious Leadership, Higher Purpose, Stakeholder Orientation and Conscious Culture. The most critical component toward creating the necessary culture, purpose and stakeholder integration is not just Conscious Leadership, but more specifically Servant Leadership, a sub-set of Conscious Leadership. A humble leader that truly serves their team can create a business that significantly impacts their community.

What Is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership refers to an intentional state of leadership that focuses on the organization as a whole, rather than oneself. It also enhances the productivity and atmosphere of the organization. This is achieved by big picture thinking and being conscious of the consequences that distractions can have on morale and efficiency. A conscious leader is able to identify how internal and external factors interact, thus allowing the conscious leader to refrain from gut-reactions in favor of an open perspective. It is this authenticity to self and awareness of self that enables a conscious leader to engage their stakeholders toward a common, informed goal.

Servant Leadership Within Conscious Leadership

One component of a conscious leader is their ability to enact Servant Leadership. Servant Leadership is founded on service before self. Two aspects of Servant Leadership are humility and stewardship. Humility in terms of simply serving others and stewardship in terms of the care of an organization and respecting the history being much larger than any one person. Servant Leadership has many contexts, everyone has a different leadership style, often from the perspective of serving their team and community. In business stewardship is serving all stakeholders, creating a positive and respectful culture, improving business processes, caring for and mentoring your team, training your future leaders, and then handing it off to the next person better than you found it.

Why Servant Leadership

By implementing Conscious Leadership and instilling the value of Servant Leadership you can leave an indelible mark on your organization, but more importantly on the people and community you serve.

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