5 Best Industries for Professional Writers

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Not too long ago, it was difficult to make a living as a professional writer. Authors had to query agents or publishers to get their work seen. Commercial writing was done with marketing and advertising professionals. And newspapers and magazines had dedicated staff to write articles. Beyond those jobs, writers might have gotten a freelance gig here or there as a ghostwriter for CEOs and politicians.

However, the internet changed all that. Publishing became a whole new industry thanks to the quick, easy and constant access to news and information. Now, just about every industry employs writers in some capacity, whether it is to do web copywriting, in-depth reporting, content development or storytelling for brand development. Self-published authors have changed how books are written and distributed. Now, quality writers are in demand as businesses continue to develop their online presence and meet their customers where they spend time.


Industries Looking for Quality Writers

Some professional writers specialize in one or two industries. Their niche knowledge makes them valuable contributors to the online conversations happening in those industries. Writers may choose these specialties based on personal interest, former work experience or even just availability of work. With content and professional writing growing quickly, there are many industries that have jobs available for professional writers.

1. Travel

Tourism is a huge industry. It relies on people having enough information about a place to make it seem like an appealing vacation spot. Travel writers help build up the image of a location. Professional writers can get started in this industry by pitching articles about their own travels. Adventure writing is a subset of travel, as is food and wine writing. Besides magazines, professional writers work with chambers of commerce, hotels and tourist spots.

2. Real Estate

Real estate is an industry that is always changing. Trends in home buying impact houses on the market and how agents list properties. Writers who specialize in real estate get tasked with a lot of different types of materials. They may do web copywriting for real estate websites, product descriptions and home write ups. Real estate writers might also be tasked with writing ebooks, neighborhood guides and marketing materials for home-buying kits. They may also write content for presentations and open-house materials. Writer who specialize in real estate can write for agents, brokers, lenders, escrow offices and even attorneys.

3. Sports/Gaming

While most sports teams have official websites and leagues have agreements with certain publishers for books, there are many general sports sites and fan sites looking for writers. Being a sports writer can come with many perks, including free tickets to games and events and access to players and coaches. Professional sports writers can get their start by attending events and writing up coverage for their local papers. With a solid portfolio, they can pitch to larger sites. The gaming industry is huge and still growing. Gaming writers are tasked with writing about gaming conventions and events and writing hint guides and ebooks. If you are an expert in a specific game, start writing about your experiences.

4. Health Care

Health care writing is a growing and specialized field. Many people who go into healthcare writing are former healthcare professionals, such as nurses or physical therapists. But that is not always the case. Healthcare writers might write about trends in healthcare or health care news. They may also contribute to ebooks and online courses that practitioners offers. Doctor’s offices and medical facilities hire writers to put together patient-facing materials like fact sheets and brochures.

5. General Business

CEOs and other executives are busy people. They are often pulled in many different directions. With how much they have going on, CEOs often find it difficult to develop their thought leadership platforms and even to compose basic company communications. Business writers can find jobs as ghostwriters for CEOs. These writers take on the communications from the executive’s point of view. They write articles, emails, speeches and even books using the “voice” of the CEO. People with a passion for business and for working closely with just one or two people might be great business writers.

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