The Usefulness of an English Degree

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As an English major at Grand Canyon University, I get asked about my degree a lot. People often wonder what I will do with this seemingly “useless” degree. I am here to tell you that an English degree is not useless. In fact, there are many things you can do after college with one of these degrees under your belt.

One of the most common questions English majors receive is, “Do you want to go into teaching?” While this is a common profession for English majors, it is certainly not the only job an English major can get. There are career opportunities in publishing, journalism, editing, novel writing, magazine writing, professional blogging, technical writing and more. Many employers in many fields search for people with strong writing skills.

Good writing and analytical skills are not only needed for teaching or journalism. Any profession you go into requires some sort of communication skills. An English Degree provides the basis for strong communication skills, giving you an edge in any workplace. In today’s society, the ability to communicate clearly and concisely is a desirable trait and often sought after by employers.

In recent years, an emphasis has been placed on STEM classes. While these classes are important, English degrees are equally so. In a world of technology and innovation, we seem to have forgotten the importance of being able to organize our thoughts clearly. A great example of this is the field of technical writing. Technical writing requires the writer to explain technology to others in a clear and precise manner. Examples of this type of writing include instruction manuals, how-to booklets and even scientific journals. Technology is important, no doubt, but it is not worth much without the intricacies written and explained in a document.

It is unfortunate that English degrees receive such negative feedback, as they are increasingly important in this day and age. Do not despair, fellow English majors—our degree is worth a lot more in the professional world than people give it credit for.

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