Work From Home Jobs for People With English Degrees

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English majors graduate with the skills to be professional communicators. They know how to express a variety of types of material to a wide-ranging, diverse audience. English majors can write in different genres and for different purposes. Their work is clear and free from major grammatical issues.

The online boom really changed the possibilities of work for English majors. Before the internet, English majors generally went into education or publishing. Or they abandoned their literary intentions altogether and found work in a more lucrative field. But the prevalence of online communication has changed all that. English majors are in demand today for many reasons. What is more, because their skills can be applied from anywhere, many English majors can work from home.

The Best Flexible Gigs for English Majors

English majors who work from home can create their own schedules. This is especially great for those who are also working on novels or books they hope to publish someday. Here are some ways English grads spend their days (or nights).

1. Teacher/Tutor

People with English degrees often make great educators because they appreciate the written word. In addition, many college degrees allow people to earn English degrees along with teacher certifications. Qualified English majors can become online teachers. And even those without a teaching certificate can become tutors. Many English degree grads find jobs working with high school students who need help writing college admission essays or even college students who are writing dissertations. This type of support is within an English major’s wheelhouse and allows an opportunity to work from home with a flexible schedule.

2. Blogger

Fifteen years ago, blogging was not a career. But today, many writers have taken to the internet to share their thoughts on different topics. Some writers start their own blogs about whatever topics interest them and make money writing for themselves by gaining followers and then attracting advertisers. However, English majors can also blog for various news and media outlets. These writers write about different topics or they can specialize in one area and sell their posts. They can also be commissioned to write posts by different sites as a regular assignment.

3. Editor

The prevalence of blogs means that almost every website of every business, no matter the field, has a page devoted to personal communication and newsworthy information. These businesses often hire blog editors to manage the sites, brainstorm topics, and hire contractors and freelance writers. English majors make great blog and website editors because they have deep networks of people who can write for them. In addition, English majors are great communicators, which means they work well in industries that are not necessarily academic or literature-focused. For example, an English major working as a blog editor for insurance company will be able to navigate not only the world of writing, but also will be able to understand and be sympathetic to the needs of the business.

4. Technical Writer

Because they can write for a variety of audiences, English majors make excellent technical writers. Tech companies hire technical writers in order to put together internal and external educational documents. These documents may include how-to manuals, assembly instructions and, even operating instructions. They also include internal communication and design information that gets passed from team to team. English majors who have strength in nonfiction writing can excel as technical writers.

5. Proofreader

English majors who love grammar make excellent proofreaders. They check written documents for errors in content, spelling, grammar, syntax, and punctuation. Because of the amount of content online these days, proofreaders are always needed. English majors who want to work from home and also work on a variety of different types of content might look into proofreading gigs.

6. Researcher

English majors make excellent researchers because they are naturally curious about things that are written down. Internet researchers are people who deliver the answers to people asking questions online. Many companies offer individualized search engines or search products, especially to large businesses who specialize in certain fields. These specialized search engines are actually run by humans who research the answers to the questions that are asked. English majors make great internet researchers because they are aware of all of the different sources of content and information.

Your degree in English really can lead to the life of your dreams. Get started with your own flexible schedule by checking out the Bachelor of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing and the Master of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Education degrees at Grand Canyon University.

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