Advance Your Career with an EdD in Behavioral Health

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Are you a currently licensed and practicing behavioral health professional who wants to broaden your skillset by learning new behavioral interventions? If so, then Grand Canyon University’s Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health program can provide you with the foundation that you need. GCU’s EdD in behavioral health program is offered online and during to help you fit your educational goals into your current routine. This program can help you advance your behavioral health career in several ways:

Increase Your Behavioral Health Knowledge

As you complete this program, you will learn about business components of nonprofit and for-profit sectors while examining servant leadership to become an agent of change in the behavioral health community. Additionally, you will study business models, entrepreneurism, strategic planning, and leadership. While expanding your knowledge in behavioral health, you will also learn strategies for scholarly research and writing before attending two Doctoral Residencies.

Develop New Competencies and Best Practices

The EdD in behavioral health can help you improve upon best practices and gain new skills. Learners gain an understanding of behavioral assessment, leadership theories psychopathology and clinical pathophysiology. Also, you will learn about common medical treatments, collaborative consultation models, evidence-based interventions and the application of professional consultation services with diverse populations.

Get Closer to Your Career Goals

Upon completion of this behavioral health degree, graduates may benefit from new advancement opportunities. This program can help individuals such as psychiatric nurses and school counselors enter leadership roles, and can assist behavioral health professionals like social workers and therapists with advancing their careers.

Grand Canyon University offers online and evening classes to help working professionals increase their education and develop their careers. If you’d like to learn more, then visit the College of Doctoral Studies website or click the Request More Information button.

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