Core Courses in the Organizational Leadership and Behavioral Health EdD

Posted on April 04, 2019  in  [ Doctoral Journey ]

Created for licensed and practicing behavioral health professionals who want to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills, the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Behavioral Health can introduce you to new behavioral interventions and strategic planning strategies.

This program, offered by Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies, features a diverse behavioral health curriculum. Continue reading to discover some of our Organizational Leadership and Behavioral Health EdD’s core courses.

LDR-802: Progressions in Leadership Thought

In this course, students explore seminal leadership theories and models, the development and evolution of leadership theories and leadership research.

PCN-807: Psychopathology, Behavioral Assessment and Interventions

This course offers learners an overview of psychopathology, medical treatments, behavioral assessment, best practices and evidence-based interventions. Also, the use of behavioral medicine and medical psychology is examined.

PCN-812: Behavioral Health Management

While completing this course, students look at improving the quality of patient care and the application of behavioral health theories to a variety of areas, such as assessment, outcome management, epidemiology and patient retention.

PCN-822: Behavioral Health Entrepreneurship

This course uses an entrepreneurial perspective to examine the business aspects of for-profit and non-profit behavioral health sectors. Some of the topics explored include venture capital and investment, the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and laws and regulations governing behavioral health.

LDR-804: Leading Across Cultures

Learners in this course delve into the challenges and opportunities that face leaders in the global environment. This course emphasizes leadership development in global cultures and leading diverse workforces.

PCN-805: Consultation for Behavioral Health Professionals

Offering students an overview of problem-solving strategies, consultation models and collaboration in behavioral health settings, this course focuses on the use of professional consultation services with diverse populations.

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