The DBA: The New Standard for Executive Excellence

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There was a time when the MBA degree represented the pinnacle of achievement among business professionals. While the degree still holds great importance for future executives, those at the highest corporate levels are now pursuing the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in order to sharpen and differentiate their practice.

“GCU’s DBA program is designed to satisfy the needs of experienced business professionals who seek entry into executive positions in business and in higher education while also acquiring the credentials necessary to seek an academic appointment in a post-secondary institution,” explained Ronald Berman, EdD, executive director and program chair for the DBA program.

What is a DBA Degree?

The proliferation of digital technology has made the world a much smaller place – and the business world even smaller. As markets emerge and economies shift, it is important to adopt leadership strategies that foster future viability.

Unlike the theory-driven PhD in business administration, the DBA is geared towards real-world application of evidence-based principles. DBA professionals may pursue academia or further advance their C-suite careers. Executive seeking to transform their organizations and shape the future of business practice utilizes the DBA to sharpen their familiarity with the latest advances.

Fulfill Your Executive or Academic Goals

Perhaps you have amassed all the credentials required for a C-level position but just don’t seem to be in the running for the opportunity. Or, you realize that it’s time to share your wealth of insight with the next generation. You aspire to represent the highest level of business thought leadership.

The DBA program is for you. With an emphasis in management, this degree provides immersion in 21st century business considerations and techniques, including:

  • Consumerism and the global economy
  • Leveraging intellectual capital
  • Strategic management theory
  • Values-driven leadership
  • Sustainability

Earn Your DBA at GCU

“The GCU DBA program is rigorous and provides the foundation to understand, communicate and take advantage of rapid and complex changes in business resulting from unprecedented geopolitical global turmoil, unpredictable financial markets, explosive availability of consumer data, acceptance of online marketing techniques and improved functionality and use of mobile technology that fosters creation of innovative communication channels,” explained Dr. Berman.

Founded in 1949, GCU is a premier provider of private higher education. At GCU, learners earning a doctoral degree are uniquely trained in business values and ethics within the context of a Christian worldview. Step into our innovative digital classrooms, and transform your executive-level career.

Enroll in the DBA program through the College of Doctoral Studies today to conduct scholarly research, apply innovative theories and take your place among high-performers shaping the future.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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