Evening and Online PhD in General Psychology

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Earning a PhD in General Psychology will open up doors to many different fields. You can choose an emphasis in several different fields, making each learner’s experience unique. The PhD in General Psychology has many variations, and each program will focus on building your expertise and develop the skills to write and defend a dissertation.

Emphasis in Cognition and Instruction

The emphasis in cognition and instruction prepares graduates to work with adult educational communities. Learners in this program will study social cognition and assessment, apply cognitive psychology to instruction and use multiple approaches to understand mental processes.

Through researching, students will research many topics in psychology, such as human learning and methods to measure learning outcomes. Graduates of this degree program may find opportunities as teachers, researchers, University-level faculty, government contractors and countless other positions.

Emphasis in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

The emphasis in industrial and organization psychology prepares graduates to improve organizational relationships, culture, and performance. This program focuses on the role of organizational psychology in the workplace, and methods for selecting, training, organizing and supervising employees and managers. With a strong background in organizational psychology, learners will be prepared to excel in many as consultants, staff psychologists and researchers.

Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology

This emphasis will prepare graduates to integrate technology, learning and psychology in educational environments. Learners will become familiar with theories of cognition and create strategies for community and networking.

Learners will interact with research involving the risks associated with technology use and change at the organizational, community and social network levels. Graduates of this program may find career opportunities in fields such as instructional coordination or design.

Emphasis in Performance Psychology

The emphasis in performance psychology primes graduates to apply research about emotion, cognition, and motivation to professional performance. Learners will understand the theories of effective leadership and improving learning and performance. Graduates of this program may find positions in many fields, including psychotherapy, higher education, and research.

Evening and Online Programs at GCU

The PhD General Psychology degree is available online or in the evening. Evening programs offer weekly classes one night every week, making it easy to learn with full-time commitments while online degrees provide you flexibility from home. Whether you choose an online or evening program, you will find a wealth of resources and a committed staff eager to guide you through your doctoral journey.

“GCU treats each of their students as an individual learner, and each learner is prepared for their doctoral journey in a very thorough manner. GCU provided a clear and accurately measured path to achieving my doctoral degree. Before the first class was finished, I had already learned a great deal about my doctoral journey. Not only does GCU provide a clear and attainable path for doctoral learners, but they also provide goals, timelines and resources.”
- Michael Lee, PhD in General Psychology With an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning and Psychology, Alumni 2017

If you’re interested in the evening cohort, the winter 2019 PhD cohort begins on November 21. Be sure to apply by September 30 to meet the early application deadline. Please contact GCU for information regarding scholarship opportunities or enrollment.

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