Spotlight: The College of Doctoral Studies at GCU

Posted on September 14, 2017  in  [ Doctoral Journey ]

The mission of Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies is to construct a unique doctoral experience for our learners by connecting them with faculty within an exciting learning community. We want to engage our students in the journey to becoming a scholar-practitioner. To do this, we use principles to develop programs grounded in adult learning theory while providing integrative, structured and learning-centered doctoral degrees.

The need for specialized knowledge is ever-growing in today’s competitive market. To help put yourself in the best position for success, consider taking the next step in your career by earning a doctoral degree from the College of Doctoral Studies at GCU. We offer advanced doctorate degrees that range from a Doctor of Business Administration to an online PhD in psychology. Learners in the College of Doctoral Studies apply their research and utilize critical thinking and analytical skills to address contemporary issues in areas such as psychology, business and leadership. Also, they are set on an accelerated path from day one, and we embed our dissertation process into conventional coursework so students can advance quickly toward graduation.

As you earn your degree, you will benefit from a supportive learning community that helps keep learners engaged. Also, you can look forward to working closely with faculty to pursue your goals. Finally, students in the College of Doctoral Studies can attend evening classes on campus or pursue a doctorate degree online while benefitting from a curriculum designed by experts in their fields. Consider joining our community of scholars as we endeavor to make a significant impact on organizations, corporations, churches, educational institutions, communities and society. 

By providing specialized knowledge, Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies can help you gain a competitive edge in today’s market. To learn about our selection of online and evening doctoral degree options, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

About College of Doctoral Studies

Grand Canyon University’s innovative doctoral degree programs prepare learners for leadership roles in their professions, communities and society. Our dynamic online learning community, integrated dissertation process, wealth of resources and collaborative environment support a successful and meaningful doctoral journey. We believe earning a doctoral degree is a journey and similar to climbing a mountain—challenging, invigorating and completely rewarding when you reach the top. Our goal is to help you conquer your own mountain and succeed on your doctoral journey. Readers of The Doctoral Journey blog, presented by the College of Doctoral Studies, will find resourceful and knowledgeable posts regarding the doctoral process, research best practices and dissertation tips among other topics from GCU’s doctoral faculty.

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