Unlock New Opportunities with an Online EdD

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Earning an online Doctor of Education (EdD) is an excellent way to continue your education and grow in your leadership abilities. The EdD in Organizational Leadership and Teaching and Learning will challenge you to make the most of your current skills while you develop your professional abilities. Continue reading to learn how these programs will prepare you to face challenges in the modern workplace and thrive in your field.

EdD in Organizational Leadership

The EdD in Organizational leadership is a versatile degree program which prepares professionals in a range of fields for leadership in the workplace with a variety different focuses. Learners can choose between an EdD in Organizational Leadership with any of the following emphases:

  • Health Care Administration: Learners will be prepared for a career in medical administration and leadership with a curriculum focusing on ethical practices in research, leadership and decision-making.
  • K-12 Leadership: Learners will prepare to navigate k-12 instruction with a knowledge in the history of k-12 education, leadership behaviors, strategic planning and development.
  • Higher Education Leadership: Learners will prepare to take on roles in higher education with a curriculum based on strategic planning, effective leadership and the history and politics of higher education.
  • Organizational Development: Learners will grow in their understanding of theory and practice in leadership, and strategic change to take on executive and administrative positions in their field.
  • Behavioral Health: This degree is meant for practicing behavioral health professionals who seek familiarity with important theories and ethical practices in behavioral health.
  • Christian Ministry: Church leaders looking to sharpen their leadership and qualifications will benefit from a curriculum focused on ethical leadership, social responsibility and modern Christianity.

EdD in Teaching and Learning

GCU’s EdD in Teaching and Learning with an Emphasis in Adult Learning is meant for learners in the field of education who wish to lead adult learners with strategies based on original research. In this field, learners will study the practical foundations of education, current educational practices, theories of learning and other crucial areas which will leave them prepared to thrive in an educational environment.

Why Earn an Online EdD?

An important benefit of earning a doctoral degree of any kind is the potential for higher earnings and steady employment. GCU’s online doctoral programs follow rigorous, dissertation-centered curriculums designed to be flexible for the working learner ready to take the next step in their career. Online learners have opportunities to grow and connect with a vibrant community of classmates and instructors.

Grand Canyon University encourages and inspires learners during their doctoral journey. Those who enroll in GCU’s online doctoral programs can attend in-person residencies which offers them opportunities to build relationships and grow in their learning. To learn more about the programs offered by the College of Doctoral Studies, visit our website or click on the Request Information button on this page.

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