Why Earn an EdD in Organizational Leadership from GCU?

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If you are a professional looking to earn a doctoral degree, an EdD in leadership is a great choice. At Grand Canyon University, you will have the opportunity to choose the specific EdD emphasis that will help you to achieve your career goals. Here are some more reasons to earn your EdD in organizational leadership from GCU:

Explore Doctoral Research

By earning an EdD from GCU, you learn to apply research to real-world issues in organizations and educational institutions. You will dive deeper into existing research, and use it to create solutions that can lead to better practices in your field of study. You will also use the existing research to guide you in conducting your own original research which you will present in your doctoral dissertation.

Pursue Your Passion

When it comes to earning your doctorate in organizational leadership, Grand Canyon University offers many different emphases to choose from. For example, if you feel led to go into the leadership of a church or non-profit organization, consider the EdD with an emphasis in Christian ministry. Or, if you have a desire to solve leadership issues in healthcare, the EdD with an emphasis in healthcare administration may be a great option for you. Furthermore, if you are passionate about education, you can specialize in K-12 leadership or special education. These are just some of the many emphases to choose from at GCU!

Advance in the Workplace

Earning your EdD can prepare you to advance in the workplace and experience many career benefits. Depending on the emphasis you choose, potential careers may include educational administrator, director of medical and health services, lead special education teacher or even a leader within a Christian ministry. With an EdD in leadership, you may also find yourself with opportunities to increase your salary. Overall, pursuing this degree can allow you to find fulfillment in your career!

Grand Canyon University’s College of Doctoral Studies creates learning opportunities for scholar-practitioners to complete a purposeful doctoral journey. To learn more about GCU’s doctoral degrees, visit our website or request more information using the button at the top of the page.

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