What to do Before Building Your App

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The app market is super competitive these days. Coming up with a unique idea is no longer enough to ensure success for your mobile app. If you have the coding skills, you may be able to get an app off the ground for a lot less money than those who need to hire developers. But it will still take you time and patience to become an app entrepreneur.

App developers who are new to the game are often quick to rush into the development stage. They want to get their app built and out into the world quickly in order to start making money. However, rushing the process can cause major issues for your app and its sales. Take some time before you start building your app in order to lay some groundwork. Here are a few steps to take before you start building your app.

What to Know Before App Development

1. The Market

Even if your fingers are itching to code your app, you need to take a step back. Market research should always be the first step before beginning any new business, including developing a new mobile app. You need to know who your competition is and what is already on the market. This will help you decide if your idea actually fills a gap or is just redundant to what is already available. Your app should be fresh in some way, whether it is made for a new audience or strengthens the user experience for people.

2. Your Audience

Once you figure out what is already happening in the app market, figure out how to reach your audience. Ask yourself why somebody would want to use your app and what value it adds to their life. Determine whether your app helps reach personal goals or business goals. Once you have determined your audience and why they need your app, write your elevator pitch. This is your quick statement about how your app makes a difference in a unique and beneficial way.

3. Platforms

Before you start programming, you will want to make some technical decisions. An important one is whether you are working on a native, hybrid or web app. This decision will impact your development as well as the maintenance required later on. Your market research should help you make these technical decisions and to define the functionality that works best on the right platform. You will also know which programming language to use and how to distribute the app once it is built.

4. Your Brand

Most businesses begin advertising before a product is built. They are trying to create a pre-launch buzz that will amplify sales. You should determine your company name and logo before you begin building your app. Also, decide on the voice and type of content your company will use to sell the app. Based on what your app is all about, find the right online channels to reach your audience, this may be through social media or email. Put some effort into outreach before the app is ready to go so that you have people wanting to pre-order your products.

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