Cyber Security Emphasis Student Spotlight: Morgan Melton

Morgan Melton at GCU

Morgan Melton is junior at Grand Canyon University and studying information technology with an emphasis in cyber security. Morgan’s favorite memory since being a GCU student takes us back to his freshman year: He had just transferred into his first computer class and knew nothing about the subject. He went to his professor’s office and told him, “I know nothing special about computers, but teach me everything you possibly can.”

From that moment on, Morgan learned as much as he could about computers. Three weeks later, he took a job in that same professor’s office. After working and learning from this professor over the course of the semester, Morgan decided to add an emphasis to his degree in cyber security.

A Focus on Cyber Security

Cyber security is one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Morgan became intrigued by this trade, especially offensive security (hacking), penetration testing and defensive security (cyber security). While Morgan was clearly interested in this line of work, there were other factors that convinced him to enroll in the emphasis offered by GCU. The main attractions of the cyber security emphasis were the constant challenges in classes as well as the responsibility of protecting the masses through cyber defense, cyber operations and cyber law.

Morgan shared something he has learned since choosing this emphasis: There are many ways into a device. For example, most people use a simple password to an open network or “port” to access the internet through their device. A common example of this would be free Wi-Fi. As useful as these networks may be, their easy accessibility actually poses a serious danger and is the very reason Morgan and so many others are studying cyber security. Those in cyber security aim to protect and teach the general population about internet safety and how to better guard their technology and personal information.

Why Choose IT with an Emphasis in Cyber Security at GCU?

Through this emphasis, Morgan has learned what it would look like to work as a security professional in different settings, such as a penetration tester for corporations and banks or in a security operation center. As Morgan gets closer to graduating, he says that his next steps are to get an internship and eventually move into a job in the cyber security field. He says GCU has helped him prepare for life after college through mock interviews and helping him curate his resume.

With three years spent in the College of Science, Engineering and Technology, Morgan has identified what he finds as truly unique about the college. He really appreciates that the college and its professors encourage the students to approach problems with a different perspective and to think outside of the box.

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