Earning an IT Degree: Your Career Options

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Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology can provide you with the ideal educational foundation for a career in the growing field of information technology. Some of the areas covered in this IT degree program include networking, security and management, information assurance, platform technologies, cloud computing, data centers and programming fundamentals. By developing your skills in these areas, you can prepare yourself for a successful career in information technology. Read on to learn about career options to consider as a graduate of GCU’s IT degree program:

Information Systems Manager

An information systems manager operates as the head of the IT department for a company or organization. These IT professionals are responsible for ensuring that their IT team is productive and effective.

IT Support Specialist

Responsible for computer installation, service, upgrades, troubleshooting and maintenance, an IT support specialist is a generalist information technology professional. Some daily tasks of an IT support specialist may include documenting system performance; leading the design and deployment of servers and personal devices; maintaining devices and systems; and following protocols to ensure that systems are user-ready and secure.

Information Security Specialist

An information security specialist is responsible for developing and implementing security measures for their employer. These IT professionals analyze existing security procedures, present their conclusions and offer suggestions for modifications and upgrades.

IT Project Manager

A project manager in the field of information technology plans IT-related projects and ensures their proper execution through each stage of the process. IT project managers are tasked with responsibilities such as coordinating development and production releases of a project, assisting technical teams and utilizing software lifecycle methodology.

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