Staying Healthy While Pursuing a Career in Video Game and Simulation Design

Posted on February 22, 2019  in  [ Engineering & Technology ]

Spending too much time in front of a computer screen can be a common problem for many people. However, this can be even more of an issue when you’re pursuing a career in video gaming and simulation design. To help stay healthy while completing GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Game and Simulation Development, use the following tips:

Stay Active

One simple way to move your body more is to make use of every opportunity for physical activity that you encounter. Some examples include choosing the stairs instead of the elevator, taking the long way to class and walking or biking when possible. Also, try out a few different physical activities and dive into one that you enjoy by engaging in it a few times per week. If you’re going to school on campus, then consider taking advantage of the pools and athletic center to make it easier to include exercise in your day-to-day routine.

Eat Well

With the many changes that they face when beginning college, it’s not uncommon for students to adopt new eating habits. You may feel like your busy schedule prevents you from eating as well as you should, but prioritizing good nutrition is essential for staying healthy and making the most of your time while you’re in school.

Take Breaks

It’s sometimes common for people who perform intensive and continuous computer work for prolonged periods to develop health problems like carpal tunnel syndrome, back and neck pain, eye fatigue and headaches. However, taking a five-minute break once per hour to stand up and move around can help preserve your health while you’re pursuing your simulation design and video gaming career.

GCU’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an Emphasis in Game and Simulation Development can help prepare you for a career in video gaming and simulation design. To learn about this and other programs offered by Grand Canyon University’s accomplished and ever-growing College of Science, Engineering & Technology, please visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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