What Can I Do with an IT Degree?

Male African-american IT worker with glasses in light purple sweater kneeling near a server tower

Information technology is a growing field that has triggered a lot of curiosity about its related degree programs, certificates and career paths. If you are considering entering the field, you should know that there are several advantages to having a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree – and it can take you far.

Graduates who have an IT degree may find a rewarding career in one of the following fields.

Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts protect organizations’ data and information from attacks by hackers and online criminals. They stay educated on the latest hacking strategies and continuously prevent data from being lost or stolen. These professionals are frequently employed by banks, government agencies and healthcare companies.

Computer User Support Specialist

Computer user support specialists provide technical assistance for computer system users by answering their questions and solving their technical difficulties. Since technical support is a constant need for many businesses and organizations, computer user support specialists usually don’t have a 9 – 5 schedule, but the job market is growing faster than average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Network and computer systems administrators install, organize and support an organization’s computer systems, such as local area networks, wide area networks and internal systems. It is crucial that organization’s computer networks run as they should, so computer systems administrators have high earning potential.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

A computer and information systems manager oversees an organization’s computer-related activities. They meet with managers and executives to explore ways that technology can help reach the organization’s goals and objectives. In addition, they are in charge of managing software development, Internet operations and network security.

GCU offers information technology degrees on its main campus as well as online degrees, giving working professionals an opportunity to advance in their career or change careers. As an interdenominational Christian university, GCU offers degrees that help you learn responsible and ethical practices. To learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, contact us to request more information!

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