3 Answers to Common Questions About Military Students at GCU

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At Grand Canyon University, we strive to make schooling as easy and beneficial as possible, especially for our military students. Find out some of the answers to common questions about military students here at GCU:

How Do I Pay for School?

Grand Canyon University wants to help all students achieve their academic dreams, including students who have served or are currently serving their country as military members. That is why we are part of the military Tuition Assistance program. We also offer scholarship opportunities to military members, and veteran students receive a 10% scholarship off tuition.

Can I Transfer Military Training to College Credits?

Military students may be able to transfer their military training to college credits as determined by the guidelines set forth by the American Council on Education. You can schedule a free Lopes Credit Evaluation with one of our counselors to determine if any of your military training can be transferred to college credits.

What Happens if I Get Deployed During My Time at GCU?

If you get deployed during your time at GCU, you don’t have to worry about missing out on school or losing money. Our Military Deployment Policy is designed to make sure military students will have their instructors informed of their deployment, meaning students don’t have to worry about their classes. This policy also helps students with tuition concerns so they don’t have to worry about paying for classes that they are unable to complete them due to deployment.

Do you want to find answers to other questions you may have about military students at Grand Canyon University? If so, you can look around our website to see if we have the answers you want or click on the Request More Information button that you can find at the top of this page.

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