#AskGCU: How Do I Survive Freshman Year?

girl and father packing a car By Allison Richmond Posted on December 10, 2018  in  [ GCU Experience ]

First semester is almost over and that means finals are in full swing. GCU students are starting to stress about tests and many freshmen are wondering how they are going to survive finals week, let alone the rest of the school year. Freshman year can be tough for many students, but the #AskGCU team set out to see what advice they could get from students around campus.

Stay Active

One of the most important things you can do to combat freshman year stress is to stay active. Join an intramural sport, bike around campus or just go the gym a few times a week. GCU has three gyms on campus where students can work out for free! Many offer classes like Spinning and Yoga too! Whatever you have to do to burn off that nervous energy, do it.

Study, Study, Study

Studying it important. Make sure you stay on task and don’t procrastinate your assignments until the last minute. If you are struggling in a class, check out the A.C. E. Centers or head to the Writing Center to get some help before your next assignment is due.


Surviving college in general is not possible without caffeine. To help you out, GCU has three GCBC locations on campus as well as an Einstein’s Bros. to help satisfy your coffee cravings. If coffee isn’t your style, try GCU’s very own energy drink, Stampede, for an extra boost of energy.

Make Friends

Making friends is an important part of college. It can be hard to start up conversations in your classes, but take a chance! Odds are, the other students in your class are in need of a friend as well. Another way to make friends is to get involved in clubs on campus or join a Life Group. Finding likeminded people to hang out with is a surefire way to make some lasting friendships.

Go to Campus Events

The worst thing you can do during your freshman year is sit in your dorm all the time. Get out! Check out the all the cool events GCU has to offer. It beats spending another night watching Netflix in your room.

While your freshman year might be halfway over, it’s never too late to start getting active, making friends and setting new study habits for next semester.

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Allison Richmond

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