Campus Apartments: A Home Away from Home

students in dorm room

Home is where the heart is.

It is an idiom we have grown up hearing, as cliché as it may or may not sound. Although most come from states scattered across the country, students have been able to find home right here in Phoenix.

No matter where one ends up, home will always be with the people they love most, in the place that they love most.

And, of course, staying in honors housing, what is there not to love?

At Grand Canyon University, students who are involved in the Honors College are given an incredible opportunity of honors housing, allowing them to dorm with likeminded individuals.

Baylee Van Winkle and her friend, Trenna Olson, were both able to take advantage of honors housing opportunities and were excited to talk about what an incredible experience it has been for them. Laughing, they discussed memories of living in their campus apartments, from popcorn mishaps to decorating disasters.

Between laughs, they poured into the giant list of why they love their apartments. What topped the list?

The kitchen.

Whether you are a culinary phenomenon in preparing different variations of Ramen noodles, or like Olsen and Van Winkle who have mastered cooking anything from chicken and vegetables to shrimp scampi, “having a kitchen feels so homey,” said Olson.

In Van Winkle’s case, cooking and baking can even help with day-to-day stress! Smiling, she commented, “I stress bake. I have already made brownies and cookies twice!”

In the freshmen and sophomore honors housing, many stories have been shared as well. Students talk about a heightened sense of community within these groups and the advantages of rooming with likeminded individuals. Regardless of which building students ended up in, they were more than happy to share their experiences, and as if their stories were not enough to see their evident excitement, their smiles definitely were.

Being in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University gives so many perks, but a favorite will always be allowing students to truly experience a home away from home. In the words of Van Winkle, it is as if the school is saying, “You guys worked hard, and we want you to feel like you are appreciated,” to which Olson said in agreement, “I second that.”

The Honors College has implemented perks and Living Learning Communities within the dorms and campus apartments in order to enhance their learning experience. For instance, honors students have a plethora of study rooms and resources to help them through their semester. Additionally, honors students can join Living Learning Communities that are field based clubs that expose our students to learning and professional opportunities.

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