Career IMPACT Center Spotlight: Marette Hahn

By Gabriela Marrama

Marette Hahn

Marette Hahn is a career coach at Grand Canyon University, dedicated to serving students from the Honors College; College of Science, Engineering and Technology; College of Humanities and Social Sciences; and College of Nursing and Health Care Professions.

While in college, Hahn got involved at her school and what they had to offer, so she knows firsthand how important it is to get involved. She was involved in a variety of activities and programs, which helped her land her first job as an academic advisor at Capella University. Hahn shared, “The academic advising supervisor who eventually hired me told me she picked me out of the pile because of my experience while I was in college – all of that mentoring, advising and student support while I was in college was what set me apart from the competition!”

Now, as a career coach, Hahn enjoys paying it forward to the students at GCU. It is her job to help students professionally prepare for their careers throughout their time at GCU. Hahn and the Career IMPACT Center assist students develop professional skills that aren’t present in the academic curricula. Such skills include elevator speeches, how to introduce yourself, understanding how to articulate your skills, interview preparation and how to network.

The most common way that Hahn supports students at GCU are resume reviews, interview coaching and general career coaching. “Being a career coach means taking the whole person into account and being the best resource that I can be for him or her.” Students are able to schedule one-on-one appointments with Hahn to discuss their goals for the future and the best way to set themselves up for success in the professional world.

Hahn believes that “students should utilize the Career IMPACT Center from day one because career development should span their entire college careers.” Hahn’s best advice is to “start early and do what you love. It is important to start gaining valuable skills as soon as possible.” GCU and the Career IMPACT Center provide students with a variety of opportunities through student worker jobs, volunteer work, internships and extracurricular involvement such as clubs and athletics.

The best way for students to make themselves more marketable is to “get strategically involved.” Hahn shares that it is important for students to develop skills and gain knowledge that is relevant to their prospective career fields. Whether you are a business major or a future nurse, it is crucial for you to gain experience and get involved in field-related activities.

Hahn and the Career IMPACT Center are here to help you succeed. There are a number of online tools open to all GCU students such as Career Compass, Career Connections and GoinGlobal. In addition, the Career IMPACT Center supports student worker hiring and hosts recurring events like Companies on Campus and Career Week that are meant to help students professionally prepare and get connected with employers.

As for honors students, they can apply for the Honors PAC (Professional, Academic, Career) Boot Camp. The PAC Boot Camp is a six-week program in which the Career IMPACT Center and the Honors College partner to help participants prepare for their careers. The participants are paired with mentors in their desired fields and work on things like resumes, interviewing, networking and elevator speeches.

Another resource specifically dedicated to honors students is Future Focus Fridays. Future Focus Fridays are held in the Honors College office – Hahn is available to honors students to help with anything career-related. Honors students can make an appointment with Hahn by emailing her or dropping in from 10 am to 4 pm.

Finally, Hahn shares that it is so important to ask for help. “Whether that be asking your professors for additional clarification, seeking out your Life Leader for help with your faith or coming to us to help you prepare – it’s all important. Please don’t feel like you have to do this alone. There are so many people across this campus who just want to see you succeed.”

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The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Grand Canyon University.

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