Careers for Military Veterans to Consider

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Entering civilian life can be a tough transition for those who have served in the military—especially when looking for a job. When looking for a civilian career, a military veteran will likely want to find a career that suits the skills and military experience they’ve earned, especially because these may not match those of a traditional career path.

Nevertheless, military veterans have learned many essential skills and possess experience that makes them ideal candidates for a wide variety of civilian careers. Keep reading to learn more about careers for military veterans.


If you’re a military veteran looking for another rewarding career to pursue, a job in healthcare may be the perfect civilian career choice. Working as a nurse or another kind of medical professional is hard work, but veterans possess a variety of skills they’ve gathered through military experience that would make them a perfect fit for this career.

For instance, leadership skills acquired through military service are highly transferable to the world of healthcare. Individuals will need to make quick decisions on their own and sometimes be able to lead coworkers when they have the opportunity.

It’s important to consider degrees when considering a career in healthcare. Whether you are veteran with no degree, some college credit or a completed degree, looking into what careers you may be interested in—and their requirements—is an important first step. Then, use your benefits as a veteran to help you earn what you need to; there are many resources available to assist veterans in earning a degree or even finding a career. Additionally, a major benefit of the military career with a degree is military promotions, as they are often based on education. 

Government/National Defense

For military veterans, pursuing a career in the government comes with many benefits. Not only are government agencies required to give veterans preference when hiring, but if they are hired, their time in the military service carries over regarding receiving future benefits.1

A natural fit would be with the Department of Defense (DOD). There are many different career paths to choose from within the DOD, including military community and family support, human resources, foreign affairs, law enforcement/security and many other options where you can cater your career to your specialties.

However, as a veteran interested in a career in the government, it’s important to check not only the benefits you may be able to receive, but also the requirements that may affect your eligibility. For example, military retirees cannot hold a civilian position in the DOD within 180 days after retirement, with exceptions.2

Information Technology (IT)

Technology companies of all sizes look for potential employees with transferable skills such as leadership and determination, as well as technical skills, which many veterans possess. Tech companies value the experiences of military veterans, whether they be in IT or not. 

If a veteran lacks some of the necessary technical skills to pursue a career in IT, many companies offer training services to help develop these skills. Some tech companies even prioritize hiring veterans, such as GoDaddy, which was founded by a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War.3

Truck Driver

A career that many military veterans pursue is truck driving. There are many benefits to being a truck driver, both for veterans and for the companies hiring them. Trucking companies, like technology companies, often hire veterans because of their strong work ethic and reliability. They understand that hard work is important and have worked through tough conditions before, so companies know that they’ll be dependable employees.

Additionally, many military veterans have experience driving large vehicles, such as Humvees or trailers, and will be able to handle driving a large truck.4 There is also earned respect from companies toward veterans because they have shown incredible bravery while serving their country. Trucking can also come with many additional benefits for veterans. There is often a predictable schedule that allows veterans to spend time with their families while still enjoying decent pay and a steady career with travel.4

Grand Canyon University is pleased to serve military service members, veterans, Department of Defense personnel and their dependents. If you’re interested in learning more about earning a degree, GCU offers a variety of resources for veterans and their families. Click Request Info at the top of your screen to get started today. 


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