Coming Home

By Angela Bratt

Angela Bratt with her family

Each year, many college students have the pleasure of spending the holidays at home. It’s a great reminder for many of us about the abundant blessings we have received. Thankfulness is a feeling of gratitude and thanks towards something or someone.

At Grand Canyon University, many of our students are from out-of-state; therefore, the holidays are one of the few times that many are able to go home and see their friends, family, home and things that are familiar.

As a student, I have a great sense of thankfulness that I have been able to go home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m originally from Michigan and every time I come home, I have so much peace. I love my state and cherish the relationships that I have there. I, like many others, am so thankful to go home.

As I continue in my undergrad, I continue to build a life for myself at GCU in Phoenix. I form friendships and professional relationships, and pursue my passions. However, it is so important for many of us busy students to rest and relax.

Over Thanksgiving break, within 48 hours of being away from GCU, I visited four different colleges within my city to see my friends. It’s so refreshing to reconnect and continue to build my relationships in Michigan. If I hadn’t put in the effort throughout the year to upholding these relationships, they would suffer. Being away can form a sense of disconnect.

We can be confused when we return home about our role. In relation to our faith, if we are not connecting with the Lord, we end up confused and feel disconnected. It is so vital for us to keep our roots in the Lord. If we only seek this relationship when we have to, they end up feeling odd and foreign. Rather, it is important to remember to always go home to your Heavenly Father.

One of the first lessons the Lord taught me at GCU was that my home in Michigan was temporary and although it hurt to be away, the Lord reminded me that my home and my identity was found in Him. He is my father and in Him, I have an eternal home. I’d like to encourage my fellow Honors College peers to return home to their Father above so that they might find strength, peace and rest.

Happy holidays!

GCU is proud to be a home away from home for our campus students. Learn more by visiting our website or contacting us using the Request More Information button.

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