Finding Tatum’s Purpose: First Week at GCU

tatum on GCU campus

At Grand Canyon University, there is never a dull moment! After moving into her dorm, Tatum’s Welcome Week was filled with fun activities and events.

On her first night, she went to Canyon Cooldown, which took place right outside of her dorm. With waterslides, snow cones and music, there was so much to do! Tatum got a chance to meet other students and start building friendships right away.

On Tuesday, Tatum went to Worship Night in the Arena. Tatum wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but she loved getting the chance to worship alongside other students. After this, she went outside to the courtyard for Ignite, where new students gather and get excited for their journey at GCU. Each student was given a candle, and they shared a flame with one another until everyone’s was lit. Tatum enjoyed the unique sense of community and the opportunity to share the experience with her classmates.

The following night, Tatum and her friends attended Lope-A-Palooza, an event held in the GCU Arena. The environment was upbeat and fun, and students got to learn the GCU fight song and get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Lope fan!

On Thursday night, Tatum joined in on the March to the Match, where students marched to the men’s soccer game in the new soccer stadium! Tatum got to sit in the student section and cheer on the soccer team in their first victory. She even got to watch a firework show at the end of the game!

Finally, on Friday night, Tatum and her suitemate went to the Lecrae concert in the GCU Arena. Tatum loved going to a Christian concert with other students who share her faith. The night was filled with dancing, lights and great music!

Overall, Welcome Week helped Tatum to prepare for a great year. She is looking forward to seeing what else is in store!

To see Tatum’s first week on campus, watch the video below:

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