Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Midnight Madness and Family Weekend

The GCU student section at a basketball game

There has been so much going on at Grand Canyon University this fall. Follow along as Tatum goes to Midnight Madness and experiences Family Weekend!

Tatum and her friends got to Midnight Madness early so they could be some of the first students let in the Arena. They watched the dance and cheer team perform. Then, the men’s and women’s basketball teams were introduced, and they put on a show to get everyone excited for the start of basketball season.

The next morning, Tatum woke up early to run a 5k around GCU’s campus with her mom to start Family Weekend. Next, Tatum and her mom went to a Chapel service in the arena. Tatum’s mom really enjoyed Chapel and experiencing it with Tatum.

Later that day, Tatum went to the GCU soccer game with her mom and sister. Then, her entire family came to join her, and she got to show them around campus. Tatum enjoyed showing her family where she lives and what she spends her time doing while at GCU.

To see more from Tatum’s experience, watch the video below:

Wondering what it’s like to attend Grand Canyon University? Finding Tatum’s Purpose is a documentary starring Tatum Sorrelman, giving you an insider’s look at what life is like as a GCU student! Keep up with this four-year series as Tatum experiences college life at GCU!

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