Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Second Semester

By Tatum Sorrelman

Tatum standing in front of the Arena

It’s hard to believe that I am halfway done with my first year of college. Where has the time gone? I had a great break and I am excited to be heading back to school to start second semester.

I am really looking forward to starting all of my classes. There’s something exciting to me about starting new classes (like when you were a kid and you got a new seat in school – that kind of excitement). It gives me a chance to meet new people and it changes up my day-to-day activity, which is something that I love.

Last semester I had class every day and it was not the best, but now I only have class three days a week. This will give me more time to do homework and work. I am going to be working on the days I have off so that I can save money for the summer. I am thrilled to be doing this because it will give me time to get off campus and do something non-school related, while making money. This semester I hope to keep the same momentum that I had first semester and keep my grades up. I want to end my first year of college strong.

This semester is different than last semester. Not only academic-wise, but personally as well.  The first semester was rough for me. Living away from my family, meeting new people and trying new activities were not easy things for me to do. But I did them and I feel much better going into second semester than I did going into first semester.

Sure, I’m nervous. But the nerves aren’t from being scared – they’re from being eager.

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