Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Staying Organized in a Busy World

By Tatum Sorrelman

an organized desk

As a college student, I am very busy–I go from class to work to homework to hanging out with friends. And when my life gets busy, I make sure to keep other things in life, like my backpack, organized.

What’s in My Backpack?

A Book
My backpack is my lifeline in college. It contains everything I need for all aspects of my day. One item I always have in my backpack is a book. Throughout the day, there are many times where I’m waiting for things to start, like class. When this happens, I can pull out my book and enjoy a few moments of a story before I need to pay attention.

Pencil Pouch
Another item I keep in my backpack is a pencil pouch. Having a pencil pouch is a lifesaver because not every professor wants the same things in terms of assignments. Some professors want their work done in pen, while others want their work done in pencil. By having a pencil pouch, I’m prepared for anything.

I also have notebooks for note taking. Many college kids take notes on their laptop, but for me, personally, I find that I retain information better if I write it down.

Water Bottle
In addition to those items, I always have a water bottle in my backpack. Having a reusable water bottle is essential to staying hydrated. It keeps me awake throughout my day, which is very important as a college student with a busy schedule.

I also keep my laptop in my backpack, which is the most important item by far. My laptop is my go-to tool. I can check my grades, my homework assignments, my emails and lots of other items. Without my laptop, I would not be able to work in class. My planner is also something that helps me with homework and class. My planner keeps my life organized and helps me determine the what, when and why of my daily life.

Phone Charger
Last but not least, I always keep my phone charger, my laptop charger and earbuds in my backpack. This way, I’m always prepared for a dead phone or dead laptop, which happens more often than you think!

Staying organized and planning ahead with the items in your backpack makes life less complicated!

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