Grant Black: Advice from A Physical Therapy Student

By Pierre Guad
Student, Honors College

GCU student in a cap and gown

Grant Black is an exceptional honors alum and a driven student, which he displayed as he graduated from Grand Canyon University and moved on to Physical Therapy school. His experience in the Honors College has inspired him to go above and beyond in whatever he does, such as helping other students succeed in the medical field. We asked him to reflect on his years at GCU as an honors student and this is what he had to say.

What was your favorite part about being in the Honors College?

By far my favorite aspect of the GCU Honors College was the academic depth that we were instructed at. Occasionally, superficial undergraduate classes like Eng-101 can seem trivial. However, that was never the case with the Honors College. Learning, especially meaningful learning, is a special kind of fun.

What is your favorite memory from the Honors College?

My favorite memory from my Honors College experience was Professor Walling’s Ripple in the Pond course. He had such a unique charisma and style of instruction that there was rarely a dull class. To top it off, the materials and thought processes were the perfect amount of intriguing and challenging to make it a truly meaningful experience.

Are you working on anything aside from pursuing your DPT degree?

While I am pursuing a DPT at Midwestern University, I am also trying to grow other aspects of myself. I believe that holistic health—of the mind, body and spirit—is of great importance and is necessary for maximal achievement. For instance, I am physically training for more obstacle course races and will hopefully complete a Spartan Race Beast this upcoming Spring. Additionally, I am looking to get involved with the mentoring of younger Pre-PT students as it is important to help those in the position where I once was. Finally, I’ve been investing in my spiritual life, a skill acquired in part at GCU, by attending church and continuing to develop a Biblically founded sense of masculinity.

Were you involved in any other extracurricular activities while at GCU?

As far as extracurricular activities went I was in the PT Club and played intramural football. Other than that, I worked at and exercised in the Rec Center where I was fortunate enough to make a lot of really great friendships.

Do you have any advice for honors students?

Without a doubt, my biggest piece of advice to honors students is to never settle, not academically, not spiritually and not in your personal life. A refusal to settle doesn’t mean perfection but it does mean striving for excellence—even when it hurts to do so. Even if you miss your mark, the character you develop along the way will serve you well.

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