Honors Alum Chelsea Evans: Little Things Become Big Things

By Kara Morrow

Honors alum Chelsea Evans

Honors alum Chelsea Evans has learned to never underestimate the power of connections and involvement. Through what she learned at the Honors College at Grand Canyon University and the opportunities she took advantage of, she received the job of director of social marketing and brand communications at WIDSIX Digital Advertising and Marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona before graduation.

“I essentially found this position through a three-year chain of random connections,” Evans explained. “I introduced myself to the dean of the Colangelo College of Business during my freshman year. Later that year, he recommended that I join the Due Diligence team.

“Through that involvement, I met Tim Kelley, who introduced me to Paul Waterman, who named me president of the Project Management Club. Through the club, I met Jed and Austin, directors of TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity, which I later applied for a role in and was named marketing manager of TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity.

“During the TEDx event, I met the owner of Busy Bees Babysitting and started working there as a sitter. During my first babysitting job, the mom I was sitting for was the COO of North & Co. Real Estate. We became really close after that! About four months later, I told her I was looking for a job over the summer in a marketing startup. From there, she introduced me to John, owner of WIDSIX.

“All connections.”

Her daily responsibilities include one-on-one consulting with business owners, speaking at social media workshops and managing social marketing platforms for businesses Valley-wide. She has the opportunity to work with real estate agents, dentists, world travelers, construction companies, business coaches and more to create a social media presence that represents who they are and the kind of work they do. She says she loves the flexibility of the job as she can work from anywhere, any time.

As an Honors College student, Evans was involved in as much as possible. She got to know her professors, the Honors College staff, fellow students and more. To do this, she attended events on campus, participated in the P.A.C. Bootcamp and double minored in entrepreneurial studies and management. Plus she was a member of IDEA Club, DECA, Project Management Club, TEDxGrandCanyonUniversity and Colangelo Scholars. No matter how small, she took advantage of every opportunity put in her path and gave it everything she had.

Evans encourages current Honors Students to follow in her footsteps: “The Honors College taught me that great things cannot be achieved by simply putting in the bare minimum. What is your dream job after you graduate? Seriously, if you could do absolutely anything, what would it be?

“Next question. What have you done to get there? The Honors College has more connections and opportunities than most students realize. The Honors College faculty wants nothing more than to see you do everything you’ve ever dreamt of doing. Have you leveraged them yet? Have you leveraged the faculty and dean of your college? Daydreaming and goal-setting is great, but it’s only step one.”

However, entering the workforce also has its challenges. Evans is only the second full-time employee hired by WIDSIX, so she has been building the social media department from the ground up. Despite the challenges of working for a small company, Evans enjoys getting to work from anywhere and supporting such a diverse community. Providentially, she can use what she learned while a member of the Honors College to prepare her for those challenges – and now she is thriving in the workforce.

She said: “Undoubtedly, the little things will eventually turn into big things.”

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